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Services Available

Contact us for more information on any of our services offered.

Custom Ear Tag Ordering

We can help you order any custom designed ear tags from multiple ear tag companies. Just create your design, color & size, and we'll do the rest!


Livestock Branding Irons

Bring us your design & we can special order your branding irons; electric or freeze irons. We can also point you in the right direction of getting your brand registered with the State of Mississippi Brands Registrar.

Vet Consultation & Farm Calls

StockPro works with multiple Veterinarians across the state. If you need answers to any of your questions regarding vaccine protocol, livestock sickness & treatment, or general animal health concerns, we will be happy to direct you to one of our preferred Veterinarians. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.


Products Available

Below you will find a sampling of some of the products we carry at StockPro. Please contact us for specific product and pricing questions, including volume pricing discounts, and availability.

Antibiotics: Over the Counter

Noromycin 300 LA, Penicillin, Tylan 50, LA 200, and generic brands available

Pharmacy (Rx)

*Items available on order of a licensed Veterinarian. Must provide Rx to purchase.*

Draxxin, Excede, Nuflor, Zuprevo, Baytril, Micotil, LongRange, Zactran, Resflor, Advocin, Naxcel, Excenel, Enroflox, Norfenicol, Hexasol, Multimin, L-S 50, and many others!


Blackleg, Pinkeye, Respiratory, Pasteurella, Calf/Cow Scours, Pregnancy, Tetanus and more


Feed-Grade, Injectable & Pour-On Wormers: Dectomax, Cydectin, Ivomec, Safe-guard, Valbazen and many more generic  brands. *LongRange wormer is a Rx product - please see our Pharmacy section for more info*


Synovex, Encore, Ralgro, and Revalor

Fly & Lice Control

Fly Bait & Premise Treatment, VetGun Applicator, Pour-On Fly Control, and Fly Tags; featuring brands such as   Y-tex, Bayer & Merck

Ear Tags

Allflex, Z tag, Y-tex, and feedlot tags. Custom ordering available! Please see our services tab for more info.

Needles & Syringes

Pneudart syringes, automatic repeater syringes, disposable needles/syringes, drench guns, transfer, nylon & bottle mount syringes

Equipment & Supplies

Hot Shot prods and shafts, Pneudart guns, castrating knives and banders, sorting flags & poles, and so much more!

Breeding & OB Supplies

Disposable OB gloves, hip lifts, calf pullers, Eazi Breed Cidr implants, and more!

Please contact us for more info, or to be directed to one of our preferred Veterinarians for a consultation.

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